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Treatment of a Dry Socket

Posted on 2/20/2023 by Evan
Treatment of a Dry SocketWhen a tooth is extracted from the teeth and gums, blood clot occurs to protect the holes left within the gums to allow the area to heal. However, a dry socket eventually forms when the blood clot doesn't start.

A dry socket, also known as an alveolar, exposes the nerves and gums, which causes painful occurrences, and if untreated, it can cause slow healing and infection to the tooth socket and the bones. Below are some ways to treat a dry socket.

Paste and Dressings

Dental dressings are widely used to treat dry sockets. The most commonly used dental product is the iodoform gauze. The gauze is excellent for dealing with painful occurrences from a dry socket. The gauze depresses the sensory receptors that cause pain.

Also, a paste is used to treat the dry socket. The pastes are placed in the dry socket as a dressing. The dressing acts as a physical barrier to keep the dry socket sealed, preventing the exposure of the bone nerves from infections. Additionally, when the pain continues, the dressing is replaced, the area is cleaned again with warm salty water, and rinsing of the wound is done with saline water.

Use of Analgesics and Anti-inflammatories

You can use analgesics and anti-inflammatories to treat a dry socket since they help manage pain. Dentists recommend using the product with an oral dose to act on the pain caused by the dry socket.

Such anti-inflammatory drugs include ibuprofen or acetaminophen. However, avoiding aspirin is recommended as it causes more bleeding in the area.

Use of Antibiotics

Antibiotics help to prevent the formation of infections within a dry socket. However, dentists should direct and guide the patient in taking the right antibiotics to avoid causing resistance to the treatment. If you are experiencing severe pain due to a dry socket, book an appointment with us for effective treatment.

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