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Oral Hygiene Habits You Should Adopt To Keep Your Mouth Happy And Healthy

Posted on 4/24/2023 by Evan
Oral Hygiene Habits You Should Adopt To Keep Your Mouth Happy And HealthyObserving good oral hygiene habits is more than just flossing and brushing every day. It means ensuring your teeth and gums receive all the tender care they need. Good mouth hygiene means that your teeth are clean and free of food particles and stains when you talk or smile. It also means that your gums are pinkish and do not bleed when flossing or brushing.

Good oral hygiene also means your mouth is free from bad breath and other dental issues. It is vital, therefore, to keep good oral health with these few oral hygiene habits.

Brush With the Right Toothbrush and Toothpaste

The best toothbrush for adults according to the Oral Health Foundation is one with a small to medium head size. It should be small enough to reach the small crevices of the gums and teeth where food debris is likely to remain after meals.

Kids too should have their smaller brushes. Use one with soft bristles as it is more comfortable than the medium and hard bristles, which can hurt the gums and enamel and make the gums bleed when you brush too vigorously. On the other hand, adults should use fluoridated toothpaste while children need fluoride-free toothpaste unless they have active cavities.

Brush the Tongue too

Your mouth has bacteria in every corner even on the tongue. It is, therefore, essential to brush twice daily and floss in between teeth too. Other than just brushing our teeth, we normally forget to brush the tongue leaving bacteria there that may cause bad breath.

Remember to keep the tongue clean to boost your gut health and immunity levels. Start by brushing the back and moving towards the front before you rinse. Please contact us today for more tips to keep your mouth clean and healthy every day.

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