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What Is The Dark Line On Crowned Tooth Next To The Gumline?

Posted on 8/7/2023 by Evan
What Is The Dark Line On Crowned Tooth Next To The Gumline?If you have been wearing crowns for a long time and you have begun to notice a kind of dark line on your teeth just above the gum line, chances are that the dental crowns you are using are fused with metal. Some crowns are constructed of porcelain and metal to add more stability while others, which are supposed to be more advanced, are made of ceramic only.

Causes of the Dark Line

Dental crowns are fitted to cover the whole teeth surface right to the gum line. With time, however, the gum tissues retract, exposing the edge of the crown above the gumline. A line is then left visible on the teeth, especially if you are wearing crowns fused with metal. It is this metal at the edge of the crowns that dentists hide below the gums that when left exposed, a dark line will show.

For ceramic crowns, the action of gum lying back leaves a shadow cast on the teeth, making an optical illusion of a dark line. In some cases, the original tooth might suffer from decay causing a dark line. For all causes of dark lines, a solution is important as they leave an impression of something unusual in teeth' appearance, hence betraying the dental work that has been done on you.

How You Can Get Rid of Dark Lines

Crowns protect the teeth but not necessarily from tooth decay, which can cause the formation of dark lines. Maintenance of good oral hygiene will ensure this does not happen. To get rid of the lines, a dentist will put on new crowns. Ceramic or all-porcelain crowns today are made with the best technology to last long and not leave a dark line even after the gum tissue has undergone changes. Visit us for professional crown restorations by our qualified dentist.

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