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Understanding and Treating Dental Fluorosis

Posted on 10/31/2023 by Higher Ground Dentistry
Close-up of teeth with without fluorosis at Higher Ground DentistryDental fluorosis is a change to the appearance of tooth enamel caused by excessive fluoride intake during the formative childhood years when permanent teeth are still developing under the gums. Gaining a proper understanding of the benefits and risks of fluoride allows informed prevention measures and appropriate treatment approaches if fluorosis arises.

The Role of Fluoride

In optimal lower doses, fluoride is a safe mineral that helps strengthen developing teeth under the enamel surface and protects them against tooth decay. However, excessive fluoride intake can interfere with enamel formation and alter its final structure and appearance. Carefully monitoring fluoride exposure from all sources is the key to balancing fluoride's benefits while minimizing the risks of overexposure.

Causes and Risk Factors

Fluorosis occurs when fluoride intake exceeds optimal levels from birth through age eight while enamel matures. Excessive fluoride ingestion, fluoride tablets without medical guidance, bottled water lacking labeling, and swallowing toothpaste with high fluoride concentration all increase risks.

Appearance and Symptoms

Mild fluorosis shows subtle white streaks, usually only noticeable by a dentist. Moderate forms exhibit chalkier white patches and mottling. Severe fluorosis looks like pitted, brittle enamel with brown stains. Most cases are mild or moderate but should be addressed.

Professional Treatment Options

For aesthetic or structural concerns, multiple treatment options exist depending on severity. Topical bleaching products can correct milder discoloration. Otherwise, tooth-colored bonded composites mask defects and improve appearance. Porcelain veneers or crowns may be needed in severe aesthetic cases requiring tooth coverage.

Prevention is Ideal

Using correctly sized amounts of standard fluoride toothpaste and monitoring fluoride intake reduces fluorosis risks. Under age two, use only a rice grain amount. For ages 2-6, just a pea-sized smear to minimize swallowing. Tap water is safest. Filter if needed instead of bottled water. With fluoride education and reasonable intake monitoring, fluorosis is preventable to ensure properly mineralized, strong, beautiful smiles.

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