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Tooth Reshaping and Contouring

Posted on 11/15/2023 by Weo Admin
Smiling woman on blue backgroundSubtly reshaping teeth improves your smile's bite, appearance, and function. This conservative cosmetic technique fine-tunes imperfections for a naturally enhanced look.

Applications of Tooth Reshaping

Reshaping, also called contouring, gently sculpts the teeth's edges and surfaces. It can adjust uneven teeth, close minor gaps, taper long teeth, flatten pointed canines, or refine other imperfections.

Reshaping also eliminates bulky areas prone to decay and creates proper ridges for well-fitting crowns. This method conserves more natural teeth than alternatives.

Advantages Over Orthodontics and Veneers

While orthodontics moves entire teeth, contouring targets specific spots. It requires no tray wear time. Veneers cover teeth, whereas reshaping preserves natural enamel.

With only millimeters removed by diamond burs, it is far less invasive than veneers or crowns. Yet it affordably enhances smile aesthetics and function.

Process for Tooth Reshaping

The dentist first maps out a treatment plan targeting imperfect areas on a model of your teeth. Local anesthetic is applied before precision reshaping to recontour edges and reduce protrusions.

Finally, surfaces are smoothed and polished. Multiple visits may be required to incrementally meet the intended ideal shape and appearance.

Combining with Whitening and Bonding

For more transformative results, tooth reshaping can be combined with professional whitening for brighter tones and dental bonding on adjacent teeth to match seamless symmetry.

However, contouring may suffice to create the desired refreshed smile for many patients. It offers subtle refinement with the natural conservation of tooth structure.

Ensure Proper Diagnosis and Planning

Tooth contouring requires highly specialized skill and planning to reshape form while preserving strength expertly. Selecting an experienced cosmetic dentist ensures proper diagnosis and treatment.

With thoughtful planning and care, reshaping sculpts a naturally beautiful smile that feels as good as it looks. This artful approach prevents more invasive measures.

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