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What Are the 5 Types of Tooth Surfaces?

Posted on 4/1/2024 by Weo Admin
smiling woman biting a sugar cubeYour teeth are integral to dental functions. They impact your ability to bite, chew, and speak. They also play a critical role in defining your smile and overall facial appearance. Each tooth comprises a tough outer surface called enamel. Tooth enamel protects the inner tooth layer and tissues from acidic attacks and cavities. Teeth also have different surfaces with varying functions. Knowing the various tooth surfaces can help you communicate with your dentist more effectively during a dental visit. It can also help you learn how to brush and floss effectively. Here is a breakdown of the five types of tooth surfaces.

Distal Surface

The distal is the back surface on the inside of the mouth, away from the midline of your face. This tooth surface is toward the back along your vertical axis after the incisors.

Mesial Surface

The mesial surface is the opposite of the distal surface. It refers to the forward side of the tooth toward the midline of your face or the middle of your mouth arch. The mesial surface touches the neighboring tooth and is closest to the front of your smile.

Occlusal Surface

The occlusal surface describes the chewing or grinding surface of your molars or back teeth. The posterior occlusal surface contains grooves and fissures that help in grinding food.

Buccal Surface

The buccal surface describes the surface of the teeth next to your cheeks. Buccal is a scientific name for cheeks, hence the description. Sometimes, dentists can refer to the buccal surface as the facial surface.

Lingual Surface

The lingual surface refers to the tooth surface facing the side of the tongue. In dental anatomy jargon, the lingual surface refers to the mandibular tooth surface.

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When undergoing dental care, your dental practitioner might ask questions about your teeth to know which specific area requires work. Understanding the different tooth surfaces can help you pinpoint where you have an issue. It can also help you follow their guidelines or instructions. At your next dental appointment, ask our dentist about your tooth surfaces and their functions.

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