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Dental Exam Upland CA

Woman talking to our Upland dentist during dental examYou may be asking yourself why seeing a dentist is important. Without proper oral health, your physical and dental health are affected.

Keeping up with dental exams and subsequent professional cleanings is an important and essential part of preventive dentistry. Exams and cleanings focus on reducing and preventing oral health issues. Your routine checkups, as well as cleanings, can ensure the gums are healthy and the teeth are strong.

A healthy bite protects the body against disorders and diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. If not checked, infection in the gums and teeth can spread to other body parts, often affecting the organs.

In a dental exam appointment, our team at Higher Ground Dentistry is able to detect signs of dental issues, which might remain unnoticed.

Why Do You Need a Dental Exam?

You need to visit a dentist for dental exams twice a year. Having oral exams performed frequently helps minimize oral infections, eradicate plaque, and prevent decay. On top of that, early detection of infection ensures that it is easily treated before worsening.

Allowing an infection to continue thriving risks you from tooth loss and jawbone damage. If you have plaque building up underneath the gums, our dental team is able to take care of that by performing a scaling procedure. In this procedure, the dentist uses an innovative tool to clean the teeth and gums. Stains on the teeth are also removed, allowing you to have fresh, bright-looking teeth.

Additionally, our Upland dentist, Dr. Sikka, will go further to detect other problems, including swollen lymph nodes. If you have inflamed nodes, you may be referred to a physician to get further checkups. Moreover, our dentist will check for oral cancer. Often, when cancer is caught early, the odds of having successful treatment are higher than when it is detected later or not detected at all.

Our team will also provide you with tips on how you can keep your oral health in good form. You will learn how to floss and brush as required. If you have TMJ disorder such as a painful jaw joint, you are further examined to determine the cause.

When detected early, TMJ can be treated using various treatments depending on the specific issue. Our team will make sure you have a broad examination of the mouth and the other parts of your oral cavity.

When to a Get Dental Exam

While it is recommended that you check in for twice-a-year regular dental checkups and exams, sometimes, you can have exams more often, especially if you have an oral issue at hand. For example, if you are struggling with gum disease and are undergoing treatment, you will need to make visits for exams more regularly.

Our dentist will need to monitor how the gums and teeth are responding after treatment. The dentist will also check for any issues that may arise while recovering from gum disease, for example, a relapse of the condition. Moreover, you may need preventive care and maintenance after gum treatment. This means making visits for checkups and exams more often than usual.

We are here to make sure that your oral health stays in good shape throughout and your bite remains strong and functions properly.

To understand why dental exams are vital, visit us at Higher Ground Dentistry. Schedule your appointment by calling 909-377-0758.

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Dental Exam Upland CA
Regular dental exams are essential for maintaining good oral health. Our Upland, CA dental clinic provides comprehensive dental exams to help you stay on top of your oral health. Book an appointment today!
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