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Root Canal Treatment Upland CA

Diagram of tooth showing tooth rootYour tooth comprises a region at the center that hosts the pulp. If this living tissue is damaged or decayed, you may be a candidate for root canal therapy. In the pulp there exists blood vessels along with connective tissues as well as nerves. All of these components are critical for the growth of a tooth.

Whenever damage or injury occurs to the pulp due to cracking, decay, or maybe a routine dental procedure that has been performed on that tooth, you may have swollen gums and sensitivity. You may also suffer deep decay.

Our team at Higher Ground Dentistry can provide the desired treatment if you are suffering from severe pain and sensitivity due to pulp damage.

When to Get Root Canal Therapy

Once the innermost area of a tooth referred to as the pulp gets infected or injured, root canal therapy may be an option. Our Upland dentist removes the affected pulp to help preserve and keep the structure of that tooth healthy. Root canal therapy can be a choice if the damage is not extensive. However, if the pulp is damaged beyond repair, an extraction may be the solution.

Consider visiting our dental office for a possible root canal treatment the moment you start having extreme sensitivity after drinking something cold or hot. If you have pain and swelling that is unbearable, book an appointment with our team.

Sometimes, you find that although the dental pulp has suffered, the structure of the remaining tooth is still unharmed and in good form. Dr. Sikka may suggest that you get root canal therapy to get rid of the injured, damaged, or dead pulp while keeping the rest of the tooth intact.

The Root Canal Procedure

Our dental specialist checks the problem area. He or she cleans the teeth, including the soft tissue like the gums. Anesthesia is used to make you comfortable. A hole is drilled in the tooth to help reach the damaged or infected pulp. Our dentist removes that pulp as well as the roots in case they are affected. There is nothing wrong with removing the roots of the teeth that are completely developed.

Often, the roots of teeth offer sensations for cold and hot substances. They are used to provide a route for blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients to the teeth, ensuring proper growth of the teeth. Once the teeth are mature and no longer developing, taking away the roots may not bring direct harm to the existing teeth.

In fact, it helps stop more infections such as gum disease from continuing to take its toll on the teeth. As such, if we see that removing the root in conjunction with the dental pulp is necessary, we do it without hesitating. This way, we help protect other parts of the teeth in addition to the jawbone and gums.

Our dental professional cleans the areas, making sure that all of the infection has been removed. He or she shapes the canal before filling the hole. You may be administered antibiotics to eradicate any remaining infection.

How Long Does a Root Canal Take?

Root canal therapy takes roughly 30 minutes to an hour to complete, but often the duration may vary based on the extent of decay, infection, or damage as well as the level of work required to be done.

Is a Root Canal Procedure Painful?

Since anesthesia is used, the procedure is pretty painless. Once completed, we will provide you with post-treatment care so that the tooth heals fast.

Contact us at Higher Ground Dentistry for more details regarding root canal treatment. Call us at 909-377-0758 for an appointment.

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Root Canal Upland CA
Don't let a tooth infection get worse. Our Upland dentist can perform a root canal procedure to remove the infection and save the tooth from extraction.
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